Beginner Bundle Trauma-Informed Training



Trauma-Informed Training Beginner Bundle

New to Trauma-Informed Training? Start here with this Beginner Bundle. Work through the articles and podcasts at your own pace. Also, don’t forget to scroll down and download your free Trauma-Informed Resource -Five Things: A Tiny Handbook for Foster/Adoptive Families and Churches Who Serve Them.

What you’ll find in the Trauma-Informed Beginner Bundle:
Science says there are five Bs affected by trauma, and we cannot overlook them. In kids from hard places, behavioral disorders are a symptom of the effect trauma has had on their development.  
You’ll be introduced to the Five Bs -Brain, Biology, Body, Beliefs, Behavior. All of the Bs are affected by trauma.
Plus, learn the six risk factors for being affected by trauma.
Again, make sure you grab your free trauma-informed resource. You can scroll down and grab it now!

When you finish the Trauma-Informed Beginner Bundle, move to the the Trauma-Informed Experienced Bundle!

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Five Things: A Tiny Handbook For Foster/Adoptive Families

Are you an adoptive/foster parent?

Do you often feel alone in your journey? As if NO ONE else knows what’s going on in your home?

Because, which  of us stands on the sidelines of the soccer field and says to the neighboring Moms, “How are you coping with the effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in your child?” or “Is your child finally attaching or what?”  “How  is trauma-informed parenting training going?” No.

The truth is most adoptive parents don’t say a word about what they are dealing with on a regular basis. They just try to blend in and look normal. How do I know? I am one of them.