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“Positive Adoption is a very touching and moving memoir. The vulnerability and authenticity of the author draws you into the story she shares. A story that is woven with bits and pieces of her childhood, early parenting and international adoption process. It contains loss and love, fear and bravery, defeat and triumph. It’s a journey of redemption and understanding. Following the author through her own transformation can serve to inspire the reader to pursue a personal understanding of purpose and meaning. In the pages of this book you will find encouragement and hope as well as heartache and sorrow. Kathleen unashamedly shares that throughout each of her life experiences she has come full circle and attributes her joy, contentment and peace to the personal relationship she has with Jesus Christ. I would highly recommend this book and was challenged both personally and as a member of the global community. This is just one story of how adoption can be a positive experience and I pray that many more stories like this come to be told.” – WorshipMeister